H Type Power Press

The H-frame power presses are made up of solid steel with suitable cross ribbing. The rolling key type clutches are designed in H-type power press to give continuous stroke at the time of mass production. For flawless working and high-end durability we make crankshaft of special alloy sheet and fit it with gunmetal bushes.

We have two type of accessories:
1. The standard accessories which we supply
2. Optional accessories

Standard Accessories:

  • Inclining mechanism
  • Two hand push buttons controlled to give continuous operation
  • Air filter
  • Gear Guard

Optional Accessories:                                                                                                       

  • Automatic lubrication System
  • Bar ejector system in slide
  • Fly-wheel guard
  • Non-repeat stroke mechanism
  • Bolster to suit individual requirement
  • Slide counter balance
  • Die cushion
  • Roil feed, Coil Cradie, Strap cutting etc
  • Special electric control for air friction clutch
  • Pneuralic feed units with decoiler and straightening units for auto feed lines

The H-frame Power press manufactured here is of good quality and high accuracy.