Under Crank Shearing Machines

Under crank shearing machine are drafted and plan through structural inspection technique for prominent performance, continuous and large-scale production, accurateness and high longevity.

Some of the unique features of these machines are-

  • Rigid
  • Interconnected in design with strong weld structure of MS plates
  • Take complete load with least deflection.

A firm clutch is supplied for giving persistent strokes for production. Under Crank Shearing Machines, have four edged rectangular high quality high carbon high chromium (HCHC) knives for longer durability. Gunmetal bushes are available in all running mechanical parts. A strong mechanical back gauge and hand operated single shot lubrication system is also available in all the shearing machines as standard equipment.



Lengh Capacity 600 x 4 1000 x 4 1250 x 4 1500 x 4 2000 x 4 2500 x 4 3000 x 4
Blade size 625x62x14 1052x62x14 1052x62x14 1574x62x14 1066x62x14 1270x62x14 1028x75x18
Gap in Frame 65 65 72 76 110 110 110
Strokes Per Minute 65 60 55 50 45 4 35
Floor Area 1500x1000x1400 1800x1000x1400 1500x1000x1400 1500x1000x1450 1500x1000x1650 1500x1000x1650 3400x1500x1650
Power Required 3 H.P. 3 H.P. 5 H.P. 5 H.P. 7.5 H.P. 10 H.P. 15 H.P.